“We just wanted to say again a huge thank you for everything you have done for Charlie. When we came to you, we felt we were fighting against the current just to get anyone to acknowledge what we instinctively felt – that Charlie’s head shape would not improve on its own, and that he needed help.

It was such a relief to find people who knew exactly what was wrong, and who believed there was a way forward. In fact, worrying about the problem and about Charlie perhaps having to wear a helmet was far worse than the reality – when it came to it, Charlie adapted with absolute aplomb to his helmet, and even got a bit grumpy when it had to come off! Charlie can now look forward to a life without all the side-effects and implications of plagiocephaly – we always felt he was our perfect baby boy, but with your help, he is now fully set up for what we hope will be a very happy childhood.

The first photo was taken shortly before he began treatment with you in December 07, with asymmetry of 2.5cm, and the second taken a couple of days before he finished treatment end of March 08, with zero asymmetry. Thank you again, and we wish you luck with everything you do for children like Charlie.”*


“Dear Dr Blecher We are due to meet with you on Sunday 8th July but I just wanted for you to see the before and after photos of Alfie, the most recent was taken about a week and a half ago. As you would expect, we are delighted!”*

* Please note that treatment options and success of treatment depend on many different factors, eg the age of the baby, severity of deformity at the start, accuracy of the initial image used to design the helmet and the helmet design itself. Outcome might vary from patient to patient. Please do contact our surgeons for a face to face assessment.