Welcome to Ahead4Babies

Ahead4Babies is the only UK-based clinic where craniofacial surgeons offer advice and treatment for misshapen baby heads. Plagiocephaly (“skewed-head syndrome”) and brachycephaly (“flat-head syndrome”) can both be treated with a helmet.

Our consultant surgeons have treated thousands of infants with head deformities over the past twenty years, and were pioneers in helmet therapy (CRANIO helmet) in the United Kingdom.

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We use a Canfield Vectra 3D Imaging System to capture a 3D image of your baby’s head. Fifteen digital cameras take images at the same time, giving 100% accuracy. (Since digital cameras take these images, there is no need for a laser, and there is no radiation.) The images can then be used to custom make helmets, as well as to compare head shapes before and after treatment.

Although Ahead4Babies is based in central London, we have treated babies from as far afield as Bangladesh, Kenya, Ireland, France and Egypt.

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Ahead4Babies is part of the Cranioform network, which includes thirty clinics – mostly in university hospitals – across Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), Switzerland (Alpnach), Sweden, Poland, and Austria.